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Maple Paper - Adam Orel Audrey Clément

Maple Paper is a psychedelic rock band from Brussels, formed by Orel (vocals), Adam El Moukadem (guitar), Sitron (bass) and Audrey Dechèvre (drums), each lending their unique style to the band's sound.

Their music is creating a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere. Improvisation in the band's composition process results in an organic flow that is unique to each performance. Maple Paper is exploring minimalist arrangements as well as a large variety of dynamic soundscapes.

The band's distinct style is influenced by the blending of many artists, such as Khruangbin or Tame Impala. With the use of effects and experimentation, Maple Paper creates an immersive sonic journey.

Band members

Clément Meulemans


Adam El Moukadem

Adam El Moukadem

Clément Meulemans


Audrey Dechèvre

Audrey Dechèvre

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